Essential Tips for Borehole Maintenance in Kenya

Owning a borehole in Kenya can be a game-changer, providing a sustainable and reliable water source in areas plagued by water scarcity. However, with this great advantage comes the responsibility of proper borehole maintenance. Borehole Maintenance refers to the regular and systematic upkeep and care of a borehole to ensure its proper functioning, longevity, and sustained water supply.

 Regular upkeep is vital to ensure that your borehole operates efficiently and remains in good condition for the long haul. In this blog post, we will explore some essential tips for borehole maintenance in Kenya, empowering you to make informed decisions and safeguard your water supply.

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How to Maintain a Borehole?

Ensuring the regular maintenance of a borehole is crucial to safeguard the water it produces, maintaining its safety, cleanliness, and suitability for intended purposes. Neglecting maintenance can lead to various issues, including reduced water output, deteriorating water quality, equipment malfunctions, and even drilling failures. Proper care and maintenance of the borehole are essential for optimizing its functionality, minimizing the borehole drilling cost in Kenya, and prolonging its lifespan.

Test your water regularly

According to researchers at The University of Nairobi,  water quality is the most important thing  when it comes to maintaining boreholes. It is important to test the water from your pump on a regular basis to make sure it is clean and meets the standards. Water that has been tainted can be bad for your health and can damage your drilling equipment over time. By testing the water on a regular basis, you can find and fix any problems right away and keep the water quality high.

Leave it to the experts

Borehole maintenance requires technical expertise and knowledge. While some basic tasks can be handled by the borehole owner, it is best to leave complex maintenance and repairs to the experts. Borehole drilling companies with with experience in borehole maintenance will ensure that the job is done efficiently and accurately, preventing further complications.

Keep the borehole area well protected

The area around your shaft should be kept clean and safe from physical damage and contamination. Set up a strong fence around the shaft to keep people who aren’t supposed to be there away. Also, make sure the area is free of trash, chemicals, and other waste that could get into the opening and lower the quality of the water.

Only go for the professional prevention is Always Cheaper than the Cure

When it comes to borehole upkeep, the old saying “Prevention is always cheaper than treatment” is always true. Putting money into regular inspections and preventive repair can help find small problems before they get worse. Maintenance will make your borehole tools last longer and save you money on repairs in the future.

Use Qualified Professionals for Borehole Maintenance

When in search of borehole maintenance services, it is imperative to opt for trained professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and experience and the right drilling equipments. Checking for licenses and references will ensure that your drilling project is entrusted to capable hands. These experts will conduct a comprehensive checkup on your borehole, meticulously identifying any potential problems, and providing you with the right solutions to ensure its smooth operation and longevity..

When it comes to getting your borehole serviced or undergoing annual maintenance, it is crucial to engage only qualified professionals. Here are some essential considerations to keep in mind:

  • Specialist Equipment: Ensure that the contractor has the necessary specialized equipment to carry out the job effectively. Having the right tools and machinery is vital for proper borehole maintenance.
  • References and Customer Feedback: Request references and the names of previous customers from the borehole drilling contractor. Checking their track record and customer feedback will give you insights into their reliability and performance.
  • Detailed Maintenance/Service Breakdown: Ask for a detailed breakdown of the maintenance or service tasks involved. This will enable you to obtain quotes from different contractors and make informed comparisons of the services provided.
  • Health & Safety Procedures and Liability Insurance: Verify whether the borehole contractor has robust health and safety procedures in place. Additionally, ensure they have liability insurance to protect you from potential risks or damages during the maintenance process.

How to flush a borehole

To flush a borehole means to clean and clear the borehole or well by using a high-pressure flow of water or air to remove accumulated sediment, debris, and contaminants from its walls, screens, and surrounding aquifer.Flushing a borehole is a crucial maintenance practice to ensure the quality and efficiency of the water supply. To flush a borehole, first, turn off any pumps or equipment connected to it. Then, use a high-pressure jet of clean water or air to dislodge and remove sediment, debris, and any accumulated contaminants from the borehole walls and screens. The flushing process helps improve water flow and prevents clogging, ensuring a consistent and clean water source. It is recommended to seek the assistance of qualified professionals with the appropriate equipment and expertise to carry out this task effectively and safely.

How to fix a collapsed borehole

A collapsed well refers to a type of well or borehole that has suffered structural damage, leading to a collapse or partial collapse of its walls or casing.To fix a collapsed borehole, you need to move quickly and professionally. To stop more damage from happening, the first step is to stop pumping right away. Next, get help from experts who know how to fix boreholes. They can figure out how bad the fall is and suggest solutions. Depending on how bad the damage is, methods like re-drilling the borehole, fixing the case, or replacing the screen may be used. During the rebuilding process, it is important to put safety first and make sure the wellbore is stable and safe. Collapsed boreholes are complicated problems, and you shouldn’t try to fix them yourself. Getting help from experts guarantees an answer that works and lasts.

How to free a stuck well pump

A “stuck well pump” refers to a situation in which the submersible or jet pump installed in a well becomes immobilized and is unable to operate correctly. It occurs when the pump motor gets jammed, seized, or obstructed due to various reasons, such as mechanical failure, electrical issues, or physical blockagesFreeing a stuck well pump requires a careful approach and some practical steps.

\ Firstly, turn off the power supply to the pump to avoid any electrical hazards. Next, try using a pump pulling tool or a pipe wrench to gently rotate the pump motor in both directions. Applying penetrating lubricants to the pump’s joints and connections can help loosen any rust or debris that might be causing the pump to stick. If these methods do not work, it’s best to seek assistance from a well pump repair professional who has the expertise and tools to dislodge the pump without causing further damage to the system.


Maintaining a borehole in Kenya is a responsibility that cannot be overlooked. By following the essential tips outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your borehole remains in excellent condition, providing a consistent and safe water supply for years to come. Regular water testing, professional assistance, protective measures, and preventive maintenance are all key elements in keeping your borehole functioning efficiently and effectively. Embrace these practices and enjoy the many benefits of owning a well-maintained borehole in Kenya.

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